One Eye Blind

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Black or white. Democrat or Republican. All men are created equal. Some would agree to disagree. Not me. I believe we were all put on this Earth for a purpose. If that may be to succeed in a career or in parenthood. Each of us has our own aspirations we wish to achieve. They may all be different, but no goal is better than the other. My views have taken a 180 degree turn from my years as an adolescent. And most say that is to be expected. I no longer see things from a black and white spectrum. My thoughts are colorful. Sometimes, I feel like others judge me for my rainbow point of view. I don’t care. I accept people’s differences and try and relate to their beliefs and lifestyles. The world is too big a place to have a closed mind. I sometimes question who I am because I wake up every day questioning who I want to be that day. Is it possible to be a different person each day? I strive to be a better person than I was the day before. And I find myself asking if that’s ok. And my answer? Yes. Nobody can tell you how to think or feel. With this being said, I will continue to be open-minded. I will continue to grow and enrich the differences that I’m introduced to every day.


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