No Media Monday

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The alarm clock buzzed at 7:30 a.m. I went to Eastern Athletic for 30 minutes of cardio. I got ready for work and then stopped at Tazza for a latte. I got ready pretty quickly, so I had time to sit, enjoy my coffee and talk to my dad and grandparents on the phone. Work was same ole’, same ole’. Except no social media today! That is entirely Lara’s job now. So, I wrote a blog post and worked on’s E-commerce job titles and program. Lara and I street spotted in SoHo. We did some rapid street spotting today. We got 2o spots in about an hour. World record. It started to sprinkle a little bit, which resulted in the end of our spotting. I uploaded my pictures when I got back to the office, and then Lara and I went over the E-commerce program. I headed home around 6 p.m. Today was Alli’s last full-day in NY, and she had to spend it all by herself. So sad. She didn’t feel comfortable enough to take on the subways alone. I don’t blame her. I could not wait to get home so we could go to dinner! Ay yi yi, Mexican tonight. You would think after living here for two months, I would know which train to get on. Of course, not. I took the train going Uptown, instead of the one going downtown. So we walked around the Financial District for a good 30 minutes trying to find a Mexican restaurant, but did not have any luck. So we got back on the subway, and went to the place I had first intended to go to. Alli and I were the only ones in the restaurant. It was kind of creepy. I guess Mexican food is not the food of choice in Brooklyn. Oh well. The food was super tasty. I got a vegetable and cheese enchilada with rice and beans. After dinner, we grabbed some ice cream and took it back to the room. We watched Eagle Eye and a couple of episodes of Criminal Minds and enjoyed our last night together. Boo, so sad.


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