Find Joy In The Simple Things

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As things begin to get hard, do not forget about the simple things that bring you joy. I woke up and went to the gym. Just my usual, cardio, weights and abs. Alli and I went to Sarabeth’s for lunch. I ordered the Farmer’s omelette, which came with a banana muffin. The best “brunch” ever. After, we went to Central Park. We spent about three hours there. I took a nap and read a little bit of a magazine, while Alli read her book. I have never felt so at ease as I did laying in the grass in the middle of Central Park. It was one of the best feelings; I cannot even explain it. After, we went to Times Square again. We were determined to win tickets to Wicked. But, NO LUCK! Dang. Instead, I went out on a crazy limb and went to see a PSYCHIC. Crazy, huh? I do not know what got in to me. I felt like I needed some answers. To tell you the truth, I feel kind of lost in my life right now. The psychic was an experience in itself. One that I will definitely always remember. Shocked and surprised by some of the answers, Alli and I made our way back to EHS for a relaxing evening in my room. Alli had her leftovers from lunch for dinner and I had some crackers and peanut butter. We stayed up late watching a movie and talking. I dozed off in Alli’s lap, while she was playing with my hair.


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