What Good Timing…NOT

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Rain, rain, go away. Come again when Alli IS NOT HERE! We woke up around 10 a.m. I went to Eastern Athletic for a workout, while Alli got ready. And for those of you who do not know Alli, she takes FOREVER to get ready. No joke. I went to the gym and got ready for the day, and was ready to go before she was. It started to sprinkle when we left EHS. We were heading to Canal Street. We walked around and did some shopping for about an hour, and had to call it quits. Even with umbrellas, we were getting soaked. We went back to my place to wait for the rain to go away, but it was here to stay. So, we did what any person would do on a rainy day. Took a nap! 🙂 Later that evening, we went to Times Square. Alli had heard of a raffle drawing some shows do to win cheap, Broadway tickets. $25. You cannot beat that! So, we went to the Wicked box office and put our names in to the raffle. No luck, of course. I did not expect anything less. We went to Junior’s for dinner. Same ole’, same ole’. Grilled cheese and onion rings. Super healthy. Not to mention, I got a chocolate cake for dessert. I mean, they ARE known for their desserts. So, I had to try something… We came back to the room and got in to that bottle of wine, from last night. We had a girl’s night with lots of talking and playing with hair. Two things, which just happen to be my favorite.


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