Better Late Than Never

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Sorry for keeping you out of the loop. When I have visitors, I get a bit distracted. Alli arrived in NYC on Thursday around 1 p.m. She was definitely styling in her red pants and lipstick. Just like Jess, I spotted her right when she stepped out of the taxi. Had to. This is her first time in NYC. Once we got all of her stuff in my room, we headed to lunch. We went to Heights Cafe. I had broccoli and asparagus soup. Delicious. Then, we stopped by a bakery and got a cannoli and a chocolate chip cheesecake brownie. Yes, it was as yummy as it sounds. Cannoli’s are the bomb. Probably one of my favorite desserts. Alli had to finish an assignment for school by 5 p.m., so we went back to my room for a while. I watched Jane by Design, while she finished. New t.v. obsession. After, we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge, and then walked all night long. We walked around Wall Street, made our way to TriBeca and then ventured to Union Square. We did some casual shopping, not much. We both did not buy anything. We ended our night sitting on the Promenade, overlooking the Manhattan skyline. I feel so peaceful when I sit here. We were both not super hungry, so we ate sushi for dinner. One small roll, and picked up a bottle of wine for the room. Alli was pretty exhausted from her day of traveling, so we did not even pop the top.


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