Sisterly Love

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Jessica’s last day in the Big Apple. What a bittersweet feeling. Not going to lie, I am a little sad she is leaving. I have had the best time with her. We slept in until about 10 a.m. We got ready and walked across the Brooklyn Bridge. It has been something I have been wanting to do, so I am glad we were able to do it together. We signed our names on the bridge, which was super sweet! After, we went to Chelsea Market and walked around a bit. There is not a lot to do there, so we did not stay long. We shared a chocolate covered cannoli. It was not as good as the one we had last night. Jessica was hungry, so we stopped at Subway and had lunch. 97 cents for a refill. Jessica was scared to get a refill without paying, so she made me do it. Who’s surprised? We walked about 20 minutes to Washington Square Park. Jessica wanted to see the arch. We hung out in the park; listened to music and witnessed some cool street art. After, we went to Canal Street and did some shopping. I have not walked up and down Canal Street yet. It was so much fun! I love bargaining with the street sellers. We were on a hunt for cute stud earrings. I have also been wanting a flat-billed New York hat, so Jessica bought me one for my birthday. I ended up buying $4 earrings and a $3 t-shirt. Bargain shopper right here. Jessica was the one who was out of control. She bought Chanel perfume, Casey a t-shirt, a bracelet and earrings. Big spenda! We left Canal Street and went back to Brooklyn Heights for a manicure. It was the last hoorah before she had to leave. I almost felt like crying when I had to say goodbye. I walked her down to the subway she needed to take. She was super nervous about riding the subway to the airport, but it was a straight ride. Bless her heart, she did not understand the subway system at all. But that is ok, I had a hard time learning myself. She told me she found some friends and stuck with them until she checked in to the airport. It is so weird how our bond has gotten stronger over the years. I actually enjoyed and cherished the time we spent together this week. I did not want her to leave.  After I said goodbye, I came back to the room and listened to music and caught up on my blog. Later, Kathrina, Jessica and I watched The Shining. I fell asleep reminiscing on all of the good times Jess and I had this week.


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