Another Touristy Day

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Jessica and I woke up bright and early to go to the 911 Memorial. Jessica, my roommate, came with us too. We had to reserve tickets online, so we got to the memorial at 10: 30 a.m. The security was insane. The workers checked our tickets about five times, no joke. We had to go through security too, and they did not confiscate my pepper spray. Some security, huh? I cannot say I was excited because I feel like ‘excited’ is not the right sentiment. But, it was nice the memorial was finally open to the public. It was beautiful. There was a north and south pool with the names of the people who died on Sept. 11th engraved around it. After the memorial, Jessica and I went to T.J Maxx. I got a black, collared shirt for $10 and Jess got a polka dot shirt and white dress. After, we took the subway to Central Park and had lunch at Sarabeth’s. I had a bomb grilled, avocado, tomato and mozzarella sandwich. We sat on the outside of the restaurant and watched as New Yorkers passed by. After lunch, Jessica and I headed to Central Park. A tour guide consistently bothered Jessica and I. After telling him no multiple times, I finally told him, “We live here. We know where we are going!”  The lady next to us was about to punch him in the face. She was annoyed by him too. She told him we were New Yorkers and to “shut up!”  Jessica took it as a compliment. She was honored to be told she looked like a New Yorker. We found a perfect place in Central Park to lay down and read a magazine. After an hour or so, we got a little toasty and headed to the FAO Toy Store. It was like a child’s dream world. Jessica and I shared Dippin’ Dots. I forgot how good Dippin’ Dots were. Omg. Jessica bought Casey a Nerd’s bean pillow, and then we headed back to EHS to get ready for the evening. We went to Times Square and bought tickets at the TKS booth to see Memphis on Broadway. We ended up getting our tickets for $67. Not too bad. We went to Junior’s for a quick, 30 minute dinner. We shared a grilled cheese sandwich and onion rings. Once again, another delicious meal. The show started at 8 p.m. It was one of the most amazing experiences. My mouth stayed wide open the entire show. I was in awe. There was never a point my eyes were not glued on the stage. Jessica and I thoroughly enjoyed it. We ended up getting back to the room around 11:30 p.m. and cuddled in my bed until our dreams took over our thoughts.


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