Jessica-1, New York-0

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I woke up around 9 a.m. eager for my sister’s arrival. Her flight landed around 11:20 a.m. She was freaking out about the taxi ride from the JFK airport to my place, so I was anxiously awaiting for a kodak moment. After a $65 taxi ride, she had finally made it. Oh, I was so excited to see her! We dropped her luggage off in my room and immediately headed out. She was hungry, so lunch was the first thing on our list of things to do. I took her to a couple of sandwich places, but she quickly refused both. She wanted something “normal.” So, there we were in a Subway. After lunch, I took her to the Promenade to look at the Manhattan skyline. After, we headed to Times Square. She was a trooper. She has a fear of elevators, and she battled multiple, scary elevators all week. I was proud. While we were in Times Square, we went to the four story Forever 21, M&M store, Hershey’s store and sat on the ruby-red stairs. She bought me an edgy, collared shirt from Forever 21 for my birthday. After Times Square, we took the subway to Union Square and shopped at the H&M. After lots of walking, we ended up at Madison Square Park. We stopped by Kleinfeld from ‘Say Yes To The Dress,” before taking the subway home. Jessica was pretty exhausted. She is not used to all of this New York walking. Ha. We rested in the room for a couple of minutes, and then went to Grimaldi’s for dinner. We shared a sausage pizza, and then went to Crumbs for a cupcake. It was a wonderful day. And who would have ever guessed…she actually wanted to sleep in my twin bed with me. Who knew she was such the cuddle bug? Jessica had successfully conquered her first day in New York City. And she did not stand out like a sore thumb.


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