Working Is Not Meant For Sundays

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Oh sleep-in Sunday, how I love you. I opened my eyes around 8:30 a.m., thanks to the construction workers drilling holes in the cement outside of my window. I was awake for about an hour, and then dozed off again. I woke up and went to the gym for 45 minutes and then met Bree and Adam at the office to finish Friday’s paint disaster. Working on a Sunday, who would have ever guessed? And who would have ever thought I would have the key to the office? Watch out, Sara is taking “charge.” Ha. After three hours, we finally finished. What a long process for such a simple task. It ended up turning out ok, so that is all that matters. Since we do not have access to a vacuum in our building, I took the vacuum from the office. We were definitely due for a vacuum sesh. Our floor was a filthy mess. Plus, with Jessica coming on Tuesday, I thought it necessary to clean it before she slept on it. I got back to the room around 7 p.m.; ate some dinner, showered and took two music tests. I only have two assignments left and then I am finished! Woohoo!


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