Getting Our Hands Dirty

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For some strange reason Thursday felt like Sunday. I do not know if it was because I had Tuesday and Wednesday off from work, or what. So, I spent my Thursday like a Sunday. Tidying up my room, watching t.v., working out and hanging out with my roomies. I know it seems like I have a lot of lazy days, but honestly New York takes it out of you. All the heat and the walking…it takes its toll. Trust me. Now that I look back I am kind of glad I had a laid back day because Friday was insane. I woke up at 7:20 a.m. and went to breakfast at Clark’s restaurant with Kathrina. I had a Florentine wrap. Already, my day was complete. I love breakfast in the mornings. After, I went to Eastern Athletics and had a quick, 30 minute workout. I came back to the room and got ready. We had an errand and paint the office day, so I got to dress comfy, casual. What an even better day. Bree, Adam and I worked today. No one was in the office today, except for the three of us. We all got in around 10 a.m. and made a list of the things we needed to get for our errand run, and then we were off. We went to Home Depot on 24th Street. A Home Depot? I know, I thought it was strange there was one in NYC too. We got everything we needed, except for the most important thing, dry erase board paint. They were out. Seriously? That is so frustrating. It is not like we are in Stillwater and only have to drive 5 minutes to the nearest Hardware store. Running errands in New York City takes work…and for a store to be out of something is kind of ridiculous. Ok, I am done venting. So, we walked to 5th street (yes, 19 blocks) to another hardware store that had the paint. We were all sweating miserably. We finally walked about 10 more blocks to the nearest subway and made our way back to the office, after stopping for a nice, cold drink at 711. We had three tasks we had to accomplish today: painting a dry erase board in the back room and writing two quotes. One above the mirror and one above the chalkboard in our room. I worked on cutting out the stencils for the quotes, while Bree and Adam worked on the dry erase board. Come to find out, we did not get enough paint and needed another bottle. Ugh. Also, the paint we used for the quote above the mirror did not come out because the paint stuck to the paper and smeared. We were so frustrated!! Today was supposed to be a fun, relaxed day and it turned out to be the complete opposite. We ended up staying at work until 7 p.m. and did not even finish. Therefore, we have to go back either Saturday or Sunday. I was exhausted and hungry and I was ready to get home. I stopped by the grocery store to pick up an already made caesar salad. My roommates and I cooked dinner together tonight. We made spaghetti and meatballs, caesar salad and garlic toast. It was nice to bond, while cooking dinner. We were supposed to go to a hole in the wall bar in Brooklyn, but we were all pretty pooped. The scary movie 1408 was on t.v., so that kind of sealed the deal. We stayed in and watched that. I ended up falling asleep shortly after it started. Phew, what a day.


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