My Wallet Feels Lighter

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For some strange reason I woke a little after 7 a.m. I heard my roommates getting ready for work, so I suppose that is why. Therefore, I woke up and watched some t.v. for a couple hours. I watched one of my favorite movies, Vantage Point. I got ready and then ventured over to Buffalo Exchange in Brooklyn. It is a thrift store that so many people have mentioned. Every time I “spot” someone on the streets, they always say they got there clothes from there. So, I decided to scope it out. Again, it was another HOT, HOT, HOT day! The less clothes, the better. Even though I was shopping alone, I had a great time finding bargains and deals. Plus, I kind of like shopping alone. You can take all the time you want. I had such a successful shopping experience I decided to go to another one in Chelsea. Hehe! After a 25 minute subway ride and wondering around Midtown, I was finally there. I did not find as many things at this one as I did the one in Brooklyn. But still, I found a couple of great deals. After, I wondered back down to Canal Street, which is where I work. I just walked up and down the streets and did some window shopping and people watching. Two of my favorite things. Around 5 p.m., I made my way back to EHS. Jordan and I got home around the same time. We waited on Jessica to get home from work and then we all went to the gym. We worked out for about 45 minutes and then relaxed in the room for the rest of the evening. NO WORK TOMORROW! Woohoo. I cannot wait to celebrate the 4th in NYC.


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