Coffee Addict

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I enjoyed a refreshing, iced coffee from Starbucks this morning, while talking to my grandma on the phone. I have gotten to the point where I drink my coffee with just one Splenda! I am steppin’ it up in the coffee world. I was the only one in the office for the first hour or so. Kristin and Bree had personal errands to run. All in all, it was a pretty slow day in the office. I wrote another blog post for Spot Of The Week and researched beauty blogs and  added them to’s database. Kristin got a new Macbook, so she gave Bree and I the new software for Adobe and Microsoft. It felt like Christmas. We all left the office around 6 p.m. I had planned on getting my nails done, but it did not quite work out. After walking around all of Brooklyn Heights, I could not find a reasonable price. It was $70 every place I went in. Finally, Jessica and Jordan told me about the place they went to last week, so I tried it out. For starters, the air conditioning was not working, they could not understand what I wanted and their business was awful. I sat and waited for 25 minutes before getting helped. As I was walking out the door, someone offered to help me. I was so frustrated, I just left. For the rest of the evening, my roommates and I hung out in the room and watched some t.v.


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