DD: The Double Decker

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This morning started off kind of slow. We were all lazy bums. While Jessica and Kathrina went to Barnes and Noble, Jordan and I watched In Her Shoes. The day kind of lingered on, until around 4:30 p.m. We met downstairs in the lobby at 5 p.m. to go on a tour of Manhattan and Brooklyn on a double decker tour bus. I seriously had to LAUGH OUT LOUD when we got on the subway. As Jordan was sitting down, the subway took off and she fell in the guy’s lap sitting next to her. They were both so startled they did not know what to do or say. It was hilarious! The tour started in Times Square. It was $25 and definitely worth my money! It lasted about two hours and we got to see and hear all about the different buildings and places in NYC. Pictured: The Empire State Building, a building in Union Square with numbers of a digital clock displaying time going and coming relative to midnight, the building in The Day After Tomorrow and our tour bus. Once the tour was over, we headed back to Brooklyn Heights. The weather was so nice I went on a 30 minute run by the water. Later, Jessica had friends who came to visit, so we stayed in the room and visited.


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