A Lazy Day

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I do not even know if I should write about my day. It was pretty pathetic. Jessica and I slept in until 10:30 a.m. I had a terrible dream my family and I were under a terrorist attack. It was one of those dreams where I wanted to go back to sleep and finish it, but I could not. I ran to the grocery store to pick up a few things and stopped by Dunkin’ Donuts on my way home. I have had such a sweet tooth lately. I NEED TO SNAP OUT OF IT, pronto. Other than that, Jessica and I had a lazy day. Jordan had a lunch date at work, so we came up with code names last night to let us know how it went. Ham meant good and bacon, bad. We got a, “HAM, HAM, HAM” text message today! Ha. I am trying to save money as much as I can, so on the days I do not work I like to stay in. Jessica and I took a nap, watched some t.v. and I researched some business ideas I have been playing around with. Once Kathrina got home from work, she came to our room to hang out. We researched events in NYC we wanted to do and go see and then put them in our calendars. We ordered the largest pizza I have ever seen, and then watched the Thunder game. I have turned my roommates into Thunder fans, so we all thundered up together!


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