I Am A Working Lady

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Another cloudy morning in New York City. The weather has been awful lately. Rainy and dreary. I ran a couple of errands before work and still got to work 10 minutes early. I am definitely getting the hang of this fast-paced life thing. Run, Run, Run! I started my day with a smile when a man complimented me on my style. Oh yeah!  I talked to Sean on the phone this morning! He leaves for a tournament in Scotland today. I do not like the fact he is going to be even farther away. :/ My agenda for work included social media, updating Thre.ad’s database with jewelry brands and scheduling events in our calendar. I actually took a lunch break today. While I was out of the office, I ran errands to the post office, Dunkin’ Donuts and to Chase to deposit a couple of checks. I left work around 6 p.m and met my roommates at a Kate Spade event around the corner. Everything in the store was 20% off, but the prices were still kind of high. We just looked around and obsessed over all of the shoes, handbags and accessories. We entered a drawing to win Kate Spade merchandise, but none of our names got drawn. Darn! We went shopping at a couple of places in SoHo, and then tried to find a place to go to dinner, which was a fiasco. Jessica wanted Chinese food, but all of the places in SoHo/Chinatown were kind of sketchy. We ended up taking the Subway back to Brooklyn and eating at a diner called the Grand Canyon Restaurant. It was a late dinner. We ended up getting back to the room around 10:30 p.m. I watched a little Criminal Minds and then dozed off to bed.


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