Sunday Funday

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I slept until about 12 p.m., receiving a total of six hours of sleep. I was surprised I woke up so early. I worked on a little bit of my music online class, and then Jordan and I went to the 10th Annual BBQ Block Party in Madison Square Garden. She was definitely my sidekick this weekend! The block party was on my work schedule to attend, so I went and did some casual spotting. The event was pretty fun. There was a concert, BBQ food and a lot of people drinking beer. It was packed! There are so many free events you can attend during the summer in New York. There is no excuse to sit at home because there is always something fun to do! Jordan and I just explored and ate some good ole’ pulled pork sandwiches and cole slaw. We ended up walking around and scoping out 23rd Street. Fun fact: it is one of few two-way streets in the gridiron of the borough. We stayed for about three hours and then headed back. I am beginning to feel a lot more confident with the subways. I can finally tell which direction I should be going. Hip, hip, hooray! Kathrina was in our room when we got back. It is so nice to have her back with us. We caught up, and then I took a little nap while she and Jessica watched the season finale of True Blood. Sean called, which woke me up, and I finished a couple of  music assignments that were due. All in all, today was another relaxing day. I spent the evening prepping myself for another busy, fun-filled week. I wonder what is in store for me this week? We shall see.


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