Brooklyn Night Life: Round 2

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Since we had a late night, we all slept in until about 10:40 a.m. Jessica, Jordan and I went to a flea market in Brooklyn with two other girls we met in our housing facility. The event was outdoors in Park Slope, where the vendors provided and the shoppers collided! There were a lot of antiques, arts, crafts and food. I had a hot dog and a lemon poppy seed donut. Both super fattening, but super yummy! 🙂 Jessica still was not feeling well, so we came back to the room around 3 p.m. While Jessica and Jordan took a nap, I caught up on some school work. It was a pretty low key day, all in all. After my school work, I actually took a pretty long nap myself. I had to rest up if Jordan and I were going to have another night out. Without any direction help from my iPhone, Jordan and I made our way back to Macri Park in Williamsburg. There was not much dancing going on tonight, but we did end up meeting two, very nice guys. One was from the Bronx (Mark), and other was from Brooklyn (Kevin). They told us all about NYC and its hot spots. They ended up recommending another bar to go to, called The Woods, which was another subway stop away. We had to wait about 35 minutes for the subway, so we got some good talking time in. The Woods was amazing! It is rated one of the top five bars  in Brooklyn. They had a dance floor, as well as an outside area. The place was packed. Jordan and I danced and talked the night away. Seriously. We did not leave the bar until 4 a.m. Since we were in a pretty rough area, Mark and Kevin walked us to the subway, which was about 15 minutes away from the bar. Jordan and I got some mean muggin’ faces as we waited for the subway. Not going to lie, we were a little scared. We pulled the whole “talking on the phone” trick just in case someone was to bother us. We ended up getting on the wrong train, at first. We realized it after two stops and then made our way back, safe and sound. It was kind of cool to be the only ones walking the streets of Brooklyn. It took us about an hour and half to get home, so we did not get in until around 5:30 a.m. I guess the saying is true. New York IS the city that never sleeps.



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