The Most Unusual And Surrealistic Place

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OH BOY! It sure did feel nice to sleep in this morning. I got up around 9:45 a.m. and headed to Eastern Athletic for 30 minutes of cardio. When I got back, Jessica made us coffee in our new, $20 coffee maker that Jordan bought. Except, the coffee was a bit thick and tasted rather funny. Jessica and I did not have work today, so we spent the day in Central Park. My farthest trip from Brooklyn, yet! When we entered the park we searched for the perfect place to plop down and “people watch.” Meaning the best place to scope out fashion and the sexy body’s of joggers. Don’t you worry Seanny; you are still number one in my book! 🙂 The weather was nice. In the mid-70s, sometimes sunny and sometimes cloudy. We stayed for a few hours, until my tummy started grumbling. My stomach had one thing on its mind, CHIPOTLE. Jessica and I were ready to get home. I was hungry and she was not feeling well. I stood in line at Chipotle for 35 minutes; I was that determined. The rest of the night was pretty laid back. When Jordan and Kathrina got off of work, we all just hung out in the room and talked ourselves to sleep.


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