One Week Down And I Want Infinity More

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Just another day as a busy New Yorker. That is, if you take being a intern into account. My experience at has been second to none. Today, I started with my usually latte and social media in the office. Then, I ran an errand to the post office for Kristin. I kid you not, I do not know how many times I was targeted by street sellers on Canal Street. And for watches? Come on Chinatown, give me something better than that! I walked the streets today in H&M cheetah pants, a white v-neck and heels. I was busy with my nose stuck in the computer for the rest of the day. I RSVP’d to an event for Mimi and Kristin, scheduled it into the calendar, researched different “feature” website designs and 2012 summer/fall trends and organized them into Dropbox. I kept myself so busy, I did not even take a lunch break. I ended up just snacking on a protein bar. 5:30 p.m rolled around, and I went to Union Square with Mimi. While she was in a meeting, I did some exploring and fashion street spotting. There were a lot of restaurants, shopping and street performances in Union Square Circle. We all know I have a bad habit of “people watching.” There was a guy on the streets who was walking and coughing up “lougie’s” and spitting them out. I just find stuff like that so intriguing that I cannot look away. Ha! Also, as I was exploring, I guess I accidentally looked at this man I passed and he commented, “I see you made eye contact; you wanna talk?” AHH, NO I DO NOT WANT TO TALK! I walked in and scoped out some new stores, and met Mimi in Forever 21 after her meeting. When we were getting ready to leave, it started raining. Just our luck! Out came the umbrellas and to the subway we flew. My pants were soaking wet as I entered my first fashion event in NYC, but who cares because I still got a lot of compliments on them! 🙂 These two sisters, Coco and Breezy, were hosting a launch party for their new sunglass and clothing line. It was probably one of the coolest events I have been to. Mimi, Kristen and I did so much spotting (which means taking pictures of fashion and street style). My eyes were fixed on all of the fun and funky style! We met a lot of people; from designers to wardrobe and hair stylists. We left the event around 9:30 p.m., which was the start of another subway dilemma. I will tell you one thing; if I still get lost from Stillwater to Houston, how am I ever supposed to get the subway lines down? It is hopeless. No worries though, I always find my way home, somehow. When I got home, the whole “tumble abode” was in the room. We exchanged stories of our days and hung out for a bit. Good laughs! I Skyped with my best friend, Rachel and then crawled in to bed after another long, busy day. Not to mention, all I had to eat today was a coffee and a protein bar. Ay, caramba!


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