Rain or Shine, I Do Not Mind

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Wakey, wakey, eggs and backey! Except, I had a bowl of Special K cereal and called it even. For some reason, I find myself waking up really early in the morning thinking it is the afternoon. I was supposed to take a spin class at Eastern Athletic this morning with Kathrina and Andrew, but I texted Kathrina and she didn’t answer, so I didn’t think she was awake. Come to find out, she left her phone in her room and they were both waiting downstairs for me and ended up going to the class without me. Shucks! As a result, I took my first, online Social Psychology test and then went for a run outside. This morning’s weather was perfect. 73 degrees and sunny. Running consisted of a game; “dodge the pedestrians.” There were a lot of people out, and by no means did they move aside when a jogger was coming their way. As I was getting ready this morning, my straightener stopped working. I have been fighting an ongoing battle with it since school got out, and I finally accepted defeat. Jessica and I were planning on going to a coffee shop near the beach to read and people watch, but the weather was being inconsistent. One minute it would be sunny, and then the next it would be cloudy and thundering. Therefore, it was a pretty relaxing day. Jessica, Kathrina and I ended up walking to a coffee shop called Vineapple for a latte. We got it to go and came back to our building and sat in the lounge and hung out for a bit. It is so much fun getting to know one another. We are all so different, but we get along great. And I think they are finally catching on to my goofy, weird personality! 🙂 Our third roommate moved in today, as well. Her name is Jordan and she is from Alabama. She graduated with a Fashion Design degree. At least we have one thing in common already. She is interning with Sears; working on a woman’s fashion line. Later, we walked to a cute cupcake shop called Crumbs Bake Shop. They had the biggest and prettiest cupcakes I have ever seen. Kathrina and I shared the red velvet cupcake, which was a total of 500 calories! I spent the rest of the day relaxing in my room: reading for Social Psych, picking out my “first day of work outfit” and Skyping with my best friends, Ashley and Sean.


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