Howdy, Ya’ll

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I am not going to lie, I like this no alarm business and waking up at 9:30 a.m. We keep our windows open all day and night, so I love waking up to the sunshine and morning scramble! Cars honking and pedestrian ruckus. Day two at the gym. I worked out like a boss today. 40 minutes of cardio, machine weights, free weights and abs. After a shower and getting ready, Jessica and I met Kathrina downstairs to do some afternoon shopping. We took the subway to Wall Street and ventured down to South Street Seaport. There were many restaurants, kiosks and retail stores, as well as an inside mall near the Bay. I was a successful bargain shopper today. My most successful purchase was a pair of red, $10 pants. Booyah! Mom would be so proud. The buildings on Wall Street were picture perfect. They were beautiful. I will tell you one thing, I need to get better at understanding and following directions on my iPhone. I always lead us in the wrong direction. Since we were going the wrong way and came across a Starbucks, I felt obligated to get a latte. So, I did, DUH. The weather was in the mid-70s today. Sometimes sunny and sometimes cloudy. However, around 6:30 p.m it started getting windy and chilly. We had dinner at Seaside Cafe. It overlooked Hudson Bay and Brooklyn. To tell you the truth, I felt like I should have ordered seafood at a seafood restaurant, but it was just too expensive. My dad would have appreciated my decision. I had a turkey burger and fries instead. Don’t you worry though, I only ate half. We ran into our neighbor, Andrew, who lives across the hall, as we were heading home. We had one of those awkward moments when we thought that we knew each other, but didn’t really remember each other’s names. Props to Jessica; she got his attention and we ended up saying hi and chatted for a bit. Once we got back home, we had a “meet and greet” in the lobby at 8 p.m. There were about 150 people who showed up. It was like an intern convention. I met so many people from all over the world who are in New York working for different companies. For example, I met a girl from Ireland who is in NY with a work visa trying to find a job and I met another girl who works for “Good morning America” at ABC. The biggest shock of the night was when I was told I had a Southern accent. Like, what? HOWDY YA’LL! 🙂 After an hour and half of socializing, I rushed back to my room to catch the second half of the Thunder game. Thunder Up baby! One knock on our door, and our room turned into a party. Our neighbor across the street, Andrew, knocked on our door and wanted to watch the game with us and then he invited his friends over. Before we knew it, we had a full house. Who’s the party animal now?! 


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